Current SegmentsEdit

There are four unique segments that rotate regularly on the show.

Gag ReelEdit

The Gag Reel has been a staple of the show since the first episode. Played at the end of nearly every episode, it consists of short, unused bits or outtakes from the episode.

Bullet ListEdit

Orginally a "Top Ten"-style article for the old, the Bullet List first aired in Episode 8. Originally, one host would create a list and read it off on air, where the crew would discuss the entries. The segment changed formats in Episode 84 - "That Sounded So Corporate," and now consists of each host reading off their own five picks from a predetermined topic. These have included Top 5 Video Game Bosses and Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks.


The oldest regular segment, Flashback first aired during Episode 2. During the segment, the hosts talk about an older game series for nostalgic purposes. Topics have included Banjo-Kazooie and The Legend of Zelda.

Free for AllEdit

First aired in Episode 123 - "Let's Diss Yield," the topic was created by Ben so that the crew could cram smaller, quick-fire topics into the show without dedicating an entire portion of the episode to them. The segment started with a one-minute time limit for each quick-fire topic, but that limitation was later removed.

The RantEdit

First aired in Episode ??? Discussion, The Rant is a segment dedicated to the hosts ranting about gaming-relating things that irritate them. Topics have included games without demos and poor controls.

Retired SegmentsEdit

These segments are no longer produced.

Parody SongsEdit

Usually sung by Tony (though one was sung by Mike), there have been a handful of parody songs produced for the show. They have included "Little Sister's Garden," a parody of The Beatle's "Octopus's Garden" and "Capcom Style," a parody of The Teddybears' "Cobra Style."

Must HavesEdit

The segment consisted of each host recommending a must-have game for the week. This was later transformed into Game and Shame.

Game and ShameEdit

First aired in Episode 103 - "Who's Aerith?", the segment consisted of the hosts giving a game recommendation then revealing some shameful game-related secret about themselves.

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