The show is currently hosted by:

Tony "ChaingunPope" Wilson

Riley "TheBrain76" Maher

Mike "Heyfling" Haefling

Ben "Iyield2no1" Hudelson

Former HostsEdit

The show has had two former hosts, though one was only ever on-air as a guest.




The show has had numerous guests throughout its run.

Doc: Known for being a contestant on Season One of Playstation's reality "The Tester" and hosting his show on Playstation Home. Doc is good a friend of the Gametwerp Podcast and has appeared on several episodes.

Hardrocknguy: A host of the Reset Gamer Podcast and one of the founders of both Proven Gamer and Three Tall Nerds. He has appeared on one episode of the Gametwerp Podcast.

Tricky Mic: One of the founders of Proven Gamer and host of the Trophy Whores Podcast. He has appeared twice on the show.

Stephen Machuga: Known to the internet as "Shanghai Six," Stephen is the founder of Front Towards Gamer, as well as Operation: Supply Drop, a charity that sends video game care packages to troops overseas. He has appeared multiple times on the show.

Will Stribling: Known to the internet as "Williamtimothy," he is one of Gametwerp's "super fans" and a regular name on the show. He is a writer for Urgent Fury as well as Average Geeks. He has appeared on one episode of the show.

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